Gun rarity level is commonplace firearms, with the addition of a whole category of guns known as "Cosmic Era firearms" which represent old, highly-advanced firearms from the Cosmic Era.


<h2>Automatic Fire weapons</h2>

 A feature of some Cosmic Era firearms, that allow the firing of multiple shots in a single action. This enables the use of the Autofire and Suppressing Fire actions.


It is a full round action. You roll a number of attacks equal to double the number of attacks you would make on a full attack. These attacks are all rolled at your full base attack bonus-5, minimum 4 for heavy machine guns (emplaced weapons), and 3 for light machine guns (squad weapons). These attacks can only score a critical hit on a natural 20, cannot deal precision damage, and suffer 3x the penalty for firing at a target in cover and from range penalties. All attacks must be aimed at targets within a 15ft radius area or any point between you and that area. Making an autofire attack forces you to stand steady and brace the weapon. You loose your dex bonus to AC while autofiring without the Automatic Weapon Training feat. You expend 3 rounds for each attack while autofiring.


<h3>Suppressing Fire</h3>

A full round action. You now threaten all squares in a 45 degree arc. You gain the benefit of the combat reflexes feat, and can make twice your normal number of AOO's. Targets trigger an AOO by moving through the squares you threaten or by making a ranged attack. All Aoo's you make are at a -5 penalty to hit, range penalties are tripled and enemy cover bonuses are tripled. You cannot make any other attacks of opertunity while laying suppression fire, and you loose your dex to AC while laying suppression fire without the Automatic Weapon Training feat. At the begining of your next turn, before you take any other actions, you make direct any remaining attacks not used at any target not behind cover in a square you threaten. Suppression fire consumes 10 ammunition, plus two rounds per AOO made.


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